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pGEM®-3Zf(+/–) Vectors

The pGEM®-3Zf(+) and pGEM®-3Zf(–) Vectors are derived from the pGEM®-3Z Vector and contain the origin of replication of the filamentous phage f1. These plasmids contain T7 and SP6 RNA polymerase promoters flanking a multiple cloning region within the α-peptide coding region of β-galactosidase. Insertional inactivation of the α-peptide allows recombinant clones to be identified directly by color screening on indicator plates when using appropriate E. coli strains (e.g., JM109). The multiple cloning region contains unique restriction sites for EcoRI, SacI, KpnI, AvaI, SmaI, BamHI, XbaI, SalI, AccI, HincII, PstI, Sp...

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pGEM®-3Zf(+) Vector

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pGEM®-3Zf(+) Vector


  • pGEM®-3Zf(+) Vector

    P227A1 x 20μg
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pGEM®-3Zf(–) Vector

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pGEM®-3Zf(–) Vector


  • pGEM®-3Zf(–) Vector

    P226A1 x 20μg
  • Bacterial Strain JM109

    P975A1 x 500μl
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GenBank®/EMBL Accession Number

pGEM®-3Zf(+) Vector Accession Number X65306; pGEM®-3Zf(+) Vector sequence text file.
pGEM®-3Zf(–) Vector Accession Number X65307; pGEM®-3Zf(–) Vector sequence text file.

Storage Conditions

Store vector at –20°C and bacterial strain at –70°C.

For product intended use please see Patents & Disclaimers tab.

pGEM-3Zf(+) Vector.Figure 1. pGEM®-3Zf(+) Vector.
pGEM-3Zf(–) Vector.Figure 2. pGEM®-3Zf(–) Vector.

Use Restrictions

P2271, P2261 For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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